Organizational Cultural Competence

Our experts have diverse cultural and service backgrounds with wide range of experiences. We help organizations to understand the issues facing diverse groups and how to establish good relationships with communities, including new immigrants. We can help you identify the right structure you need to work effectively in multi-cultural situations and respond appropriately to the needs of your diverse clients and employees.

Inclusion Training

We offer education and strategic solutions for engaging, serving, employing and building trust with clients and employees from diverse communities. We also help organizations develop a diversity strategy, for a sense of direction and measurable goals. 

Employment Equity

If you want to improve your organization’s profile in the area of Employment Equity, we can provide practical solutions based on your standards.  We work with organizations to identify the role of leadership, Human Resource, Unions and other stakeholders in equitable hiring, welcoming, integration and career development. Our focus includes job advertisement, self-identification, resume screening, interview and other issues.

Anti Racism Training

 In an open learning environment, we dig deep into the roots of discrimination based on race, and how to lessen its presence and impact in our institutions. We discuss appropriate attitudes and approaches for providing services to individuals and communities that have suffered the trauma of Racism and Systemic discrimination. With your team, we explore individual and collective actions to improve service and build trust. 

Team solutions

Whether your team is new or just facing team dynamic challenges, we can work with you on the issues that cause team dysfunction and help you shift energy toward shared vision and collaborative work. 

Strategic approaches

We can help your organization build strategy in all our areas of expertise.